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Chamber Pricing

Chamber of Commerce Pricing

With only a super affordable $250 set-up fee and a one-time charge of $15/listed member to on-board merchants, we make it highly affordable for a chamber of commerce to become a dealsnapt sponsor. 

Note: Please know that there is absolutely no cost to members or consumers to use the application. They simply download the app to their mobile device, and they're ready to get snapted.

Chamber Set-up Fee

The cost to the local chamber of commerce includes a simple set-up fee in the amount of $250.

 Marketing Assets
Chamber logo
Profile information
 Image gallery
TEXT join code
 Audience building link
 Print-ready graphics
  • Social Media image
  • 2x3 business card format
  • 5x7 post card format
  • 8.5x11 countertop format

Custom Graphics Package

Snaptown, USA

optional: $399.95

If desired, our design team can create your chamber's very own "Snaptown" based upon local landmarks and points of interest. When doing so, the marketing assets listed above are all customized.

Merchant Listing Fee

A one-time $15 listing fee is required for each member business that participates as a dealsnapt merchant. Not all members will be listed. Businesses that are usually listed include: eateries, retail shops, event managers, spas/salons, and other consumer facing businesses.

 Listing Details
 Business description
 Phone number
Hours of operations
Image Gallery
Social Media links
Jumpstart offer*
Managing Costs

There are several ways that the lsiting fee can be managed:

    1. The chamber pays the fee
    2. Should the chamber desire, the fee may be passed along to the participating member
    3. The chamber may marked-up the one-time fee as a means to grow revenue
    4. The dealsnapt program could be added to a tiered dues structure whereby the member merchant pays an increased memebrship fee annually

Merchant Pricing

* Jumpstart
To help get off to a great start and create a buzz around the dealsnapt program, we offer every listed merchant the opportunity to have one static special offer for the first 90 days that they are on the program. During this 90 day window the merchant has the opportunity to upgrade to one of our engagement packages. Should they decide not to enroll in a package, their static offer will automatically expire at the end of the 90 days. The merchant remains listed, they simply cannot make special offers or engage with customers.