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Chamber Features

Promote Shop Local

The dealsnapt program is an excellent means to keep dollars in the local community and raise awareness of the chamber's work in the community.

Increase Member Value

When members see real live tangible results that dealsnapt brings, they easily recognize the value that the chamber is delivering to them. The 25% that the member merchant receives is a nice chunk of savings! Pair that with the ROI they receive when using the program and the chamber is a real winner!

Engage Members

The dealsnapt app isn't just for merchants. The chamber can promote events, run polls, and engage with users of the app too!

Earn Revenue

Your chamber of commerce earns revenue each month for those member merchants that are enrolled in one of the engagement subscriptions.





 List Price
 Member Price
Included free$29.96$52.46$74.96
 Referral Royalty %
 Referral Royalty $
N/A$3.00$ 5.25$7.50
Merchant Features
Branding Features