Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industry types are likely candidates to use the dealsnapt platform?
    • Any consumer facing business can make use of the platform. Tier 1 and 2, as listed below, truly drive consumer engagement. Tier 3 businesses will not drive as much traffic, but their participation will bring more value to the platform when Tiers 1 and 2 are populated. In short, any industry that would advertise in a ValPak/Money Mailer or run a deal is surely a candidate.
      • Tier 1 - daily retail: restaurants, coffee shops, yogurt shops, car washes, activities
      • Tier 2 - other retail located near Tier 1 businesses: auto repair, merchandise shops, psychics, etc.
      • Tier 3 - services: plumbers, lawyers, realtors, landscapers

  • How much time does chamber staff dedicate to the platform when using the member engagement tools (polls, events, new listings etc.)?
    • Almost none, we recognize that adding on more duties just isn't an option. dealsnapt completes the Group set up,  the initial population of business listings, and our partner Applied Merchant Systems does the direct follow-up with the businesses to move them to a subscription. The businesses then create their special offers and curate most of the content.
    • When conducting polls, announcements or listing events, the chamber simply uses their dashboard to easily publish them. Additionally, the chamber can call upon their dealsnapt account manager to assist as needed.

  • What is the general sense of the worthiness of the platform - does it enhance member value?
    • Absolutely YES!  Often times local chambers of commerce struggle to provide value to restaurants, and other retail establishments.  dealsnapt is an engaging platform that through trackable activity provides demonstrable value.
    • When the platform becomes part of a larger community initiative - led by the chamber of commerce - it feeds on itself and becomes a really powerful tool.

Low Risk : High Reward
For less than $900 annually, member businesses get a turnkey marketing system - at a 25% discount - that provides customer acquisition and consumer engagement tools. The local chamber of commerce gets a branded platform whereby most of the follow-on work to generate the dynamic content that keeps the platform fresh is done by the participating businesses. Plus, the chamber earns revenue! 

In short,  the risk is very low and reward is high even if it is not seen to directly increase membership. 

  • Are members actually using the platform to engage long-term, or it is a big splash upfront and interest wanes over time?
    • From past experience, we find that when it is a chamber-led community initiative where member businesses work to engage consumers, then the platform becomes the "go to" place for local content and interests. In turn, consumers then seek to engage on the platform, which then drives more member businesses to participate.
    • Conversely, if the platform is chamber member centric or internally focused, there is simply not enough relevant or dynamic content to keep interest up. Over time consumer and member interest will wane.
    • The successful initiatives that dealsnapt has in play are not just 'launch, then wait and see.' These launches have placed their locally branded dealsnapt platform front and center in all literature, venues/attractions, and hotels. It is promoted as part of their local brand; a dynamic Shop Local program.