About Us


ChamberSolutions manages the marketing and distribution of the dealsnapt platform to chambers of commerce and business associations.

Since 1992, ChamberSolutions has been a leader in its field of member benefit programs. By leveraging the buying power of 20,000+ employer groups, ChamberSolutions secures products and services with certain advantages or preferred pricing that enhance membership value and, in turn, saves members time, energy and money.


dealsnapt is the app's developer, and manager of the entire backroom operations that power the platform.

dealsnapt is built with the small/medium business in mind – overcoming the challenges of a high volume, deep discount daily-deal market, and wasteful, inefficient print models. It is very important for businesses to deliver value to consumers at a profit – where both the consumer and business win.

Applied Merchant Systems

Applied Merchant Systems (AMS) is the team that engages directly with merchants to onboard them when subscribing to the platform. They are also available to make outbound sales calls to local businesses on behalf of the local chamber or business association.

AMS is an integrated provider of merchant payment processing services as well as a provider of various digital marketing solutions primarily to small and medium-sized merchants located in the United States. The Company delivers its credit and debit card-based payment processing solutions to its merchants who operate either in a physical environment, over the Internet, or wireless device.